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Saturday, 17th August, 5pm
The Kip, Ahangama, Sri Lanka

A cycle of change
Embracing slow fashion

How can we slow down, think more and become more mindful about our consumption habits? With the climate emergency on our minds, the debates around sustainability have gained urgency, a global system based on exploitation, inequality and overconsumption causing the dying of our planet. Join us for an intimate soirée of conversation about ethics within the fashion space and visions of a future led by purpose, values, and business practices built on acts of kindness.


Want to host an event in collaboration with us or invite me for a speaking opportunity? Please email hello@cforconscious.com.

“ I love to raise my voice to make a positive impact, and have perviously been both keynote speaker and panel moderator, specialising in the fields of sustainability and fashion. Last April, we had the great pleasure of hosting the Bali initiative of Fashion Revolution Week, having held sold-out consumer and brand events across the island.