For a greater consideration of the social and environmental
dimensions, to celebrate the beauty of traditional crafts,
and for giving people in Bali a voice.

Bali Fashion Initiative

Bridging the gap between the island’s fashion brands, their makers and their customers, the Bali Fashion Initiative is a Bali-wide movement initiated by C for Conscious founder Charline Catteeuw, aiming to change the way we produce and consume fashion, by promoting greater transparency, sustainability and consideration for local crafts in the fashion industry in Bali and ultimately, the world. Our mission is to advance sustainability in the entire fashion system, including those who design, make and buy clothing.

Honoring the beauty and significance of craftsmanship

Traditional crafts are an important part of the Balinese identity, identified by the high quality of hand-made products. We want to preserve the often dying crafts by promoting them and inspiring people to find back the beauty of these traditional crafts, that have often been passed on from one generation to the next.


Fashion Revolution Week, Bali

In 2019, we introduced the first ever Bali edition of Fashion Revolution Week, hosting a week long events series in collaboration with people from all stages of the fashion supply and consumption chain.

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